26 November 2010

It Would Be a Target-Rich Environment, If We Could SEE Them....

It's been far too long since I updated here.  Sadly, the lack of updates is not because I've been too busy playing games, or painting until my fingers bleed.  No, it's simply that Real Life(©®) keeps getting in my way.  JobKidsWife.  All that important stuff.    The usual story.  *sigh*

Ironically, I was very busy over the Summer (which ended a few months ago, I know) constructing terrainYay!  Here are some pictures of what I managed to accomplish.  Some of this terrain will find its way onto my Sci-Fi table, and some of it will be used on my Colonial/Fantasy/VSF table (for pictures of those games, see my other blog:  Kelroy Was Here

Click the pics to enlarge them.  Please enjoy, and if you feel the least bit inspired by my handiwork, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.
The vinyl flooring I used to make my rivers.
The caulk I used for the river banks.

A river section with the caulk and sand drying on it.
A demonstration of the flexibility of the vinyl flooring.
A selection of river sections, cut and "sanded."
This is what I used to make the rivers wet-looking after I painted them.
A desert watering hole.  This was my first attempt using the Polycrylic clear coat.  I just wanted a test for what it would look like, and how easy it would be to work with.
All my new bright and shiny river sections.  And I mean shiny in the literal sense.  See next picture.
The rivers have a glossy sheen, just like the real stuff!
Fordable sections of river.

A simple plank bridge over a river.
A gently curving riverbank.