27 January 2011

I Have Knights on Retainer....

I finished a painting project.   Somehow or another, I get sidetracked and leave projects unfinished far too often.  This time, it was actually playing games that did it.  It's difficult to paint and play games at the same time (for me anyway).

But at last I cracked down on myself and got my Retained Knights from 15mm.co.uk done.  I had one squad of 10 men to go for the longest time, staring accusingly at me from my painting table.

Here they are.
HOF1 Retained Command
HOF2 Retained Knights
HOF3 Retained Heavy Weapons
HOF4 Retained Assault Troops
Close up of the on-screen markings on the iPad on the left, and the slate on the right.

Size comparison between other 15mm.co.uk figures, Human Imperial Army and The Greys.
I kept the squad composition pretty much the same from what is listed on the website, although I did move a couple of figures around.  I had no army compostion in mind when I bought them:  just bought one pack of each and called it good.

I do think it's funny how in the Assault squad there are two figures lying down.  I understand the Snipers reasoning, but in an Assault squad?  Personally I find figures lying down (in general) next to useless for gaming purposes.  "Here, let me move my figures to attack and close assault your army.  Just ignore these two, they're taking a nap...."

Thanks for looking.