25 February 2010

Err, What I Meant to Say Was...

I've been reading, and filing metal!  And I have a correction to make concerning my previous posting.  In it, I commented on the odd makeup of The Greys figure selection, and concluded with, "That's what I get for not picking them myself," or words to that effect.

Wellll, I spoke too soon.  As it turns out the figure selection is exactly appropriate for a 100-point army in ASQL.  The way the rules work is you have minimum and maximum types-of-stands per each 100 points, and the minimum is 3 Science Teams and 2 Robotic Servants.  Period.  That's the minimum you are required to have to play The Greys army.

So the fact that I have 5 Command figures (1 stand's worth), 10 Science Team figures (2 stands' worth) and 5 Soldiers (1 stand's worth) is not all that surprising after all.  Command Stands, in the rules, are not separate figures/stands, they are an upgrade you take for your existing stands.  So I can either mix a couple of the Command figures in with some Science Team figures, or just keep them as a stand-alone Command Stand, and it perfectly fits the requirements of the rules.

What's more, there is some flexibility in regard to how many figures are on a stand.  The recommended number is 5, but any number is pretty much o.k., as long as you and your opponent understand what it represents.  So with 20 figures to choose from, I should be able to upgrade my army "artificially" by using fewer figures per stand.  Instead of 4 stands of 5 figures, I might be able to do 5 stands of 4 figures, or even 10 stands of 2 figures!  The only real change will be the appearance of the army on the table.  Ten nearly-empty stands isn't as impressive-looking as four full stands.

At any rate, the game mechanics sound interesting if a trifle convoluted, and I'm very glad for the table of contents, as the order of presentation is, to me at least, not intuitive (so I'll be using the ToC to find what I need faster than just flipping through the book).  But a single read-through is not indicative of how a game plays, so I shall reserve final judgment until I play it.

Here are a couple of photos of my forces waiting for primer, all neatly mounted on U.S. pennies for bases.  They'll never be this close together again except in the heat of battle!
Those Human Imperials will regret letting The Greys get behind them!

Now to figure out a color scheme.  Thanks for reading!

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