10 June 2010

Yogurt Joins Pudding to Rule the World

I hinted at the end of my last post that I would be creating something out of the yogurt container that was pictured.  And so I have.  I continue my quest to build cheap, simple, cheap, useful, cheap buildings and terrain from readily available recyclables.

These won't win any awards for quality 'cause you get what you pay for.  Since my only expense was time, well, I ain't worried if they ain't pretty.  I spent as little time on them as humanly possible and still be able to complete them.  They'll sit on a table and provide a location or cover quite nicely, thank you very much.

I herewith present...More Bunkers!  Or perhaps habitats.  Or maybe they're lookout stations.

I admit that these are very human-centric, but they're fairly generic at the same time.  I have a hard time envisioning alien habitats so I haven't made any.
Above and below:  Front and back views, with a 28mm and a 15mm figure for scale (like you couldn't guess that).

Below:  The top of the yogurt container was almost tailor made for a nice parapet.  This is the container before painting, with a cardboard circle inserted on what used to be the bottom of the container.
Below:  Here's a close-up view of the parapet insert.
Below:  This is the final result, after adding a thin card trap door.
Below:  A lone guardian guards his guard shack, guardedly.
Below:  The Human Imperial Infantry's planetary lookout station -- IN ACTION!  Look at them looking out.  Such excitement, woo!
I also deliberately tried to make them useful for both 15mm and 28mm.  For 15mm, the doors look a little on the large side, but I felt I could convincingly argue they are garage doors for tanks and AFVs (see photo above).

I also got a trifle carried away with another bit of plastic, and created a ... something.

Is it a swirling maelstrom of energy with a mysterious dark doorway leading to parts unknown?  Or is it a shimmering alien building, constantly shifting its shape and appearance, flowing with an almost lifelike quality?

Then again, maybe it's the outhouse.  An alien outhouse, at least.  This is a sci-fi blog after all.
Above:  The Human Imperial Infantry defend their toilet.  Never say the poor bloody infantry doesn't know which side of his bread is buttered.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like your terrain!!
    I also use some old toys... sometimes they have a good appeal with just a little work(http://nonerdsland.blogspot.com/search/label/terrain)!

    Nice blog, will add to my list!