21 March 2010

Human Imperial Army on the March

I've finished painting my Human Imperial Army from 15mm.co.uk.  Here are some pics, just click on them for a larger view.  (I don't know why the thumbnails look scrunched, but the full-size view is fine.)
I went with a nice rich red, because I have always felt that if you're walking around in fricking power armor then you wouldn't really care too much about camouflage.  Plus I wanted to be able to see them on the table top.  My first go around with red was a little too dark, but I gave a quick highlight using a different brand/shade and it turned out as you see it.
I enjoyed painting them, but I have to admit it felt a little like putting lipstick on a pig.  I really don't like having to "paint on the detail" when it's there but so badly mangled by the casting process that it's almost unrecognizable.  In other words, I don't mind painting a belt if it's modeled, but I don't want to have to paint half a belt because the other half is missing but if I don't paint it then it will look odd unpainted.  As I mentioned when I first received them in the mail (http://orbitalbarrage.blogspot.com/2010/02/incoming.html) they're an old line and not terribly clean castings.  That said,  however, at the same time I really like their "style," the old-school power armor look, and the "we were stomping aliens and taking names before you other 15mm's were even born" feel.
Here you can see the before and after shots of the "blind" trooper I commented on (at the same link as above).  He turned out reasonably well, all things considered.

Nevertheless, I like the way they look all done and lined up ready for battle.  I even like the Glaive (the tank) despite it's rather ungainly appearance, and the fact that it has no track guards anywhere:  Reality bows to Fiction once again.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Kelroy,

    If the rear doors of your Glaive didn't require complete re-working, consider yourself lucky.

    On the ones I had received, I had to grind off the flash and replace with new plastic card doors.

    You have my sympathies ;)

  2. Great job mate! I recognise the amount of work that's gone into those minis and thats a paintjob to be proud of!


  3. Thanks, fellas, for the encouragement!

    @kmfrye2001, all I can say is, "You mean there are doors on the rear?" ;-)