24 April 2010

Reinforcements Have Arrived

I've almost finished painting The Greys I ordered from 15mm.co.uk a while back, but Real Life (c)(tm)(r) has a way of sticking its nose into my business in such a way that I have not finished painting them yet.

It hasn't stopped me, however, from purchasing more great figures from 15mm.co.uk.  I saw they were having a sale and pounced on the opportunity like a cat on a string laced with catnip.  My order was small, though, as I only had $22 to spend (don't ask), but luckily after the (horrendous) exchange rate it came out to $24 and change.  I can accept that.

I now have in my greedy mitts four ten-man squads of Retained Knights from the HOF range, one of each type of squad they offer.  http://www.15mm.co.uk/Retained_Knights.htm  As I don't plan on building an army to fit any given set of rules, I instead usually buy what I think looks cool, as well as hopefully giving a somewhat useful set of troops.  This gives me forty figures, more than the armies I got that were ASQL specific, but lacking a vehicle.  That's alright, I can scrounge one from somewhere if needed.

Here are some pictures of the raw troops.  The first is HOF1 Retained Command; 5 poses, Officer, Comms, Runner, NCO, Trooper.  (I'm still trying to figure out which is which.)
Next is HOF2 Retained Knights; four poses of Troopers with Rifles.
Third we have HOF3 Retained Heavy Weapons; four poses Support Weapons and Loader, with assorted heavy weapons.
Lastly, below is a picture of HOF4 Retained Assault Troops; four poses, Rifles and Melee weapons.
HOF 4 is the only one of the four that I am not crazy about all the figures.  I've never really cared for prone figures, unless they're casualty figures.  Yeah, he can be a sniper, but to me it loses a lot of energy that way.  Plus, what's a sniper doing in the Assault Trooper squad.  Say, huh?  It's no biggie, really, I'll just trade them out with a couple of the rifles from HOF2 or 3.

Also, HOF4 included the only figures with much flash on them.  Every figure had some mold lines, but these two were the worst, and really they're not bad at all.  I'm much more pleased with the quality this time around.
I mentioned in a previous posting how the Human Imperial Army figures were pretty rough around the edges:  old molds, lots of flash, rough detail.  The Greys, as I've also mentioned, are very clean and characterful (as soon as I finish painting them I'll have pics up).  These Retained Knights are pretty clean too, but I don't know how old they are as a miniature line.  They're nice sculpts, mostly flash-free, and I'm really digging the old-school look.  I love those huge bayonets ("Those ain't bayonets, boy, those are space bayonets!")

Anyway, I hope to have them painted soon.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I finished up some HOF 'Crusaders' (as they were then called), back in March. I was never happy with the bayonets, so each to his own, I guess. I need to get some more to make up a short company.